The current ratings and outlooks assigned to Assicurazioni Generali by the major agencies are illustrated below.

Rating agency
Rating Outlook
A.M. Best A Under review
Standard & Poor's A Stable
Fitch A- Negative
Moody's A1 Negative

The economic and financial crisis that has characterized some European economies has led to the ratings’ cut of different sovereign debt, in particular the creditworthiness of Italy lost the A class. Mainly as a result of this reduction, all major rating agencies lowered the credit rating of Assicurazioni Generali. Nevertheless, the Group has a credit rating two notches higher than that of its main country of operation, thanks also to its ability to generate operating profits, the strong fundamentals of business and the geographical diversification.

Ethic rating agency
OEKON Research C "Prime"
Standard Ethic's AEI EE-