General terms of contract: basic clauses of an insurance policy concerning general aspects such as premium payment, inception and duration of the policy. They can be supplemented by specific and particular terms of contract.
General third party liability insurance: insurance contract whereby the insurer undertakes to cover a claim for damages to be paid by the insured as he/she is legally responsible for loss or damage unintentionally caused to third parties in relation to the risks covered by the insurance. Third party liability risks are manifold and include: ownership of a building, professional business, employer’s liability, pollution liability, etc...
GRI (Global Reporting Initiative): an institution created in 1997 by UNEP (see paragraph) and CERES (Coalition for Environmentally Responsible Economies) whose objective is to develop and disseminate the guidelines for drawing up a voluntary report on economic, environmental and business performance of company activities.
Guidelines for Corporate Governance and Multinational Enterprises in the OECD: recommendations addressed by governments to multinational enterprises, basically concerning voluntary principles and standards for responsible business conduct.
Health insurance: insurance contract whereby the insurer undertakes to reimburse the costs borne by the insured for hospitalisation or surgery due to illness or accident, specialist examinations or tests, or to indemnify the insured for loss or damage caused by illness leading to permanent disability or temporary disablement preventing him/her from working.